A plan is a rough draft. Everything is tentative till afterwards.

We all have baggage. The key is how we package it. Try to keep your drama from turning into a min-series. If it does, cancel it after the first season. Don't sign on for a feature length film. It will tank at the box office at great emotional expense.

Popularity and integrity are not necessarily brothers.

Always be willing to admit you're wrong. Because you might be. And you may know it. Humility can be a healing art. And the next time that same person may admit they are wrong. And that is how peace happens.

You can convince yourself of anything. Convince wisely.

Grace is finding the good in what we think is bad.

A closed mind is no mind to which others must pay no mind.

Everything is yoga if you do it with intention.

Bad things happen to other people. At any time you could be that other person. Could be a meteor or something more sinister. So while you're not waiting, be nice to others and hope for the best.

Letters and words are invented by man. Use them as tools rather than weapons of mass destruction.

If you burn your bridges, you'll have blisters forever.

God smiles. We worry. Does it help? 

Original Aphorisms and Quotes by Sherri Margolin


Your perfect getaway can be right here right now.

It doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to realize the Case of Self-Realization is an inside job.

Go on an attachment diet. Your mood will be much lighter.

When your inner voice says something to you. Listen. You wouldn't want to miss something important. Would you?

A dilemma is no more than a choice than hasn't been made yet.

It's the days that count but the moments we remember. Remember your moments with pride not shame.

Wear a smile it fits any face.

Be kind to your body its your permanent address. Your lease began on your birth day. The term is life. Try not to make it imprisonment.

Second guessing after the fact is never useful.

Walls are meant for buildings, not people.

"Know-it-alls" can stop right there. It's the "how-to's" who are up for the task.

Be comfortable in your fear; it is a learning curve for self-assurance.

Today is going to be yesterday. Keep your karmic slate clean for a peaceful tomorrow.

Shame is never on the innocent. It's only on the guilty.

At any moment you can be anyone's inspiration. Inspire intelligently.

Live each day in Namaste. Namaste is yoga for the best part of me sees the best part of you. Now is that so hard? Unless you can't find the best part of yourself. Therein lies the problem. 

If you don't know where you stand, stand tall. Then you can look down on adversity.

There is always room for grace. Part of grace is gracious. Its always a win to be gracious. Even if you lose. A graceless win is no win at all.

Don't play the game of "what if". You cannot predict what could have happened if it never happened. There is no almost. If something almost happened then it didn't happen. Live your present it is what your meant to live.

The hole you dig under somebody else, may be the hole you fall into one day.

It doesn't matter what something was. It matters what something is. Deal with the is. Not with the was.

Om in the HomeĀ®

Show up. You're there anyway. Otherwise your presence becomes tedious.

Reconcile your attitude like you do your checkbook. Stay in the positive as much as possible. 

A sleeping idea is no idea.

Greed is here to stay. Its part of human nature. Since we can't get rid of it. We have to tame it.

I'd like to share a sampling of original aphorisms and quotes from my soon to be published book .......be on the look out for some mental twisters and humor and reasons to say "duh" or "huh" or "oy"

Pick your hassles wisely. There will be many.

If you're story has been holding you back, write a new one. Try to figure out a better ending this time.