Class and Instructional Offerings

Teens. I work with teens everyday in a school setting. I have raised two children now in their early twenties who have been surrounded by yoga their whole lives. They are directed and both top students in and from top tier universities. I know firsthand how teens can benefit from the focus, exercise, and principles of right action that yoga promotes. I encourage teachers and parents alike to contact me about organizing teen classes. 

Corporate yoga brings the yoga to your office. The practice is customized to meet the needs of the students and the allocation of space. Corporate yoga is a wonderful way to de-stress before you go home at night or at lunch. As yoga builds community corporate yoga is a way to break the ice with co-workers in a non-competitive fashion and perhaps make a new friend outside of work.

Partner Yoga can deepen your enjoyment of yoga and enhance your relationship with your partner as you discover aspects of each other that you may not otherwise discover when life gets in the way. Includes an assessment of each partner's age, physical ability, and overall health. Can include discussions of yoga philosophy as a life path for overall happiness with oneself and others. By appointment.

Om in the Home®offers private, group, corporate, partner yoga, and Prime of Life Yoga®

Om in the Home®


Hatha yoga group classes for mixed levels includes both standing postures and floor postures. Includes vinyasa style flow yoga with sun salutations with or without chaturangas (push-ups). Includes instruction and directions for modifications. Beginner friendly. 

Chair Yoga. Chairs are often used as a prop in yoga to enhance a pose. Although an entire yoga practice can be taught using the chair rather than the yoga mat. When space is limited as in office yoga chair yoga offers the opportunity to practice yoga at work. If you think that you won't feel refreshed after a chair yoga class I can assure you you will. All yoga can be modified to levels of age and ability.

Chair yoga is also taught to older seniors who for balance and other age related reasons are no longer able to get down on the floor. Movement from the chair gives this population the ability to remain flexible, focused, and connected with peers.

Private Yoga is one-on-one yoga personalized to the individual needs of the student. Includes an assessment of the student's lifestyle, age, physical ability, overall health, and goals. Can include several disciplines for optimal results and enjoyment. By appointment.

Prime of Life Yoga®

Prime of Life Yoga® (POLY), based on the teachings of Krishnamacharya, as taught by his son, Desikachar, and created by Larry Payne, is characterized by its holistic approach of adapting the practice of yoga to the whole person, taking into account the person’s age and physical abilities, and even energy level on a particular day.  POLY® understands that people come to yoga for many different reasons and those reasons change as a person ages.  Prime of Life Yoga’s® focus is on the concept of function over form, emphasizing the concept of “forgiving limbs”.  There is no perfect pose. What works for one person may not work for another. If it takes bending the knees to assume a forward bend then that is your pose. Spinal freedom and movement take precedence over form and what the pose looks like. Breath is used in coordination with movement at all times as the focus on breathing frees up the wandering mind and allows for attention to the moment and the movement. Although, Prime of Life Yoga® is a user-friendly approach geared to the over forty population the principles can be applied to any age group.  Life is a journey and each stage can be one of great strength, vigor, and success.