"Find the Om in your Home®"

"Honor your body it's where you live"

"Your body is your most auspicious home of all "....Sherri Margolin


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We have 3 Serenity Spa facilities. Each location has a complimentary relaxation lounge equipped with a steam room, sauna, napping hammocks, and a mud bath. The relaxation lounge doesn’t have a time limit simply because we want you to treat your body to the pampering it deserves. Drop by our nearest location to enjoy a tour and free consultation today! 


                                                                                               Om in the Home®

​                                                                            The Philosophy


What is home?  What does it mean to be at home?

 Home is where the heart is. Home is that sanctuary where we go to after work, a place we think of when traveling or a place we look back on where we were raised.  Home is an address that tells us, and others we belong somewhere, one we change many times over a lifetime. Home represents different things to different people emotionally, socially, economically, and politically.  The importance of home cannot be underestimated. All beings have a natural right to have a place of shelter, a roof, under which they feel safe where they can go to revitalize and feel at ease. 

But what if home was not only a go-to place? What if you were already home? What if that home went with you wherever you go? Even when you change address? You moved into a home the day you were born and although that home grows older and changes as each day passes there is no changing address. This is an important home as well. Your body! This is one home that we want to feel safely harbors us – our selves.  If we think of it that way- we take our selves with us wherever we go – we are always home- and when this home, the body, is vital, then it is easier to face the world around us and even create a more balanced external home life.


What is Om?

 Om is a word that dates back thousands of years to the ancient texts of India, the birthplace of yoga science – the body of knowledge that combines the health of the physical body with clear thinking and a calmness of mind. Yoga is a wisdom science that teaches, through various practices and exercises, that when our thoughts are not in conflict with one another and our body is in working order there is complete harmony – oneness.

 In its most basic explanation Om is the first sound a baby makes – the hum- perfect and harmonious because nothing competes with it. Peaceful in its simplicity and unruffled, nothing disturbs it or the source of the sound. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could access that inner calm once in a while or at the very least know it is possible?

Om chanted at the end of yoga class seals in the feeling of well being that is achieved throughout the class. In modern yoga-speak Om means harmony and well being; when we feel settled and at ease and our minds are calm and not agitated and our bodies feel refreshed and relaxed.


What is Om in the Home® 

 Bringing Om into our permanent home through the practice and understanding of yoga will help bring health and harmony into our lives and enhance our relationship with the outside world. Things may not always be perfect in our lives but we can learn how to maintain our radiance, both inside and out, and draw from the inner well where all remains undisturbed. Yoga teaches us how to keep our internal feng shui composed and untroubled.

 Let Om in the Home® bring the Om to your ‘go-to’ home, office, or my home studio to teach you how this wisdom science can help you discover your Om in your most auspicious home of all  - so needed in this hectic world we live in. 

 I believe that no two students are the same and so I encourage all students to work at their own pace whether in a group setting or private setting. I offer suggestions for modifications to postures so that a student gets the most out their practice. Yoga is not competitive. Ego is left at the door. Everybody starts where they start, where their bodies tell them they are, and they move forward from there without judgment from self or others.

Even the most advanced students have their limits and there is no glory in pushing past those limits. The goal is not pain. I will always ask my students if they have injuries and modify from there.  I’m here as teacher, mentor, and friend. We are all students. I continue to learn from my teachers who continue to learn from theirs.

 The word yoga means: union, yoke, and join. I invite you to join me in bringing our inner and outer worlds together and finding the harmony that is the birthright of all beings.


“Remember your body is your most auspicious home of all. Honor your body it’s where you live.”.......Sherri Margolin

In gratitude for my students who always teach me something about myself.

Namaste. The light in me acknowledges the light in you.